OzFox Lite Rocks the house!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend OzFox Lite, a Code-Camp-like event for VFP developers organised by the indefatigable Craig Bailey. 40 VFP aficionados from as far afield as Adelaide, Perth and even New Zealand descended on the MS HQ in Sydney for 2 days of sessions on VFP and other things. There was a special video keynote from Craig Boyd. Special guest speakers included Adam Cogan and Greg Low, Australia's two Microsoft Regional Directors, plus nearly a dozen other members of the community. Sunny Chandra was especially passionate and popular.

It wasn't all tech talk of course, 20 of us went out to dinner on Saturday night and some hardy souls came back after that to play on the one X-Box 360 that MS didn't have down in Melbourne for hospitality at the Commonwealth Games.

Great geek weekend and huge kudos to Craig.