Security Summit

I just subscribed to John Montgomery's Blog and he has a great post about writing secure code. This segues really nicely into our security summit, coming to a capital city near you next month. In the developer track, we're talking a lot about team development and how a whole of project life-cycle approach can lead to more secure code. We'll also be talking about click-once deployment and the security implications of automatic updating, as well as an intro to some of the SQLCLR features in SQL2005.

Location Starts Where
Sydney 8 February 2005 Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
Canberra 10 February 2005 National Convention Centre
Adelaide 17 February 2005 Adelaide Convention Centre
Melbourne 22 February 2005 Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre
Brisbane 24 February 2005 Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Perth 1 March 2005 Perth Exhibition & Convention Centre

The full agenda's here.

BTW, I've scheduled my flights so I'm in town the evening of the event in every city -- if you're interested in organising a geek dinner or some other kind of get together, please let me know (or, better still, just organise it and tell me where and when).