SharePoint Development – is it too easy?

I was chatting to some community folk in the pub last night after presenting (on Architectural patterns on S+S – slides here) at the Sydney Deep .NET User Group*. I heard an interesting premise: “Good developers don’t want to do SharePoint development because it’s too easy”. To me, this passes the smell test. Developers like a challenge. As Nick intimated in his session on home-grown frameworks last night, there’s a significant proportion of developer work that happens because the devs enjoy solving the technical problems associated with, say, generalising access to back-end data sources.

I hate to tell you, but someone’s already solved that problem! It really is all about the platform.

Of course, this begs the question: “what about the move to model-driven development and composable applications?” Will developers be able to work by getting components and just linking them together? Discuss.

If you want to learn more about SharePoint development, you could do a lot worse than visiting:


* the site’s down temporarily, but will be back “rsn