Storytelling - A Moth-eaten theme

One of the most effective ways to get a message, any message, across is to use stories. For some reason the human brain appears to be wired to be good at remembering and regurgitating stories. I like to begin presentations with a story that’s somehow relevant and am always on the lookout for a good story to add to my repertoire.

The best stories seem to be those told from a personal perspective - either something that happened to you or something you witnessed. Good stories also stir emotions, both in the storyteller and the listener.

The MothThis week I heard two stories that did just that. I’ve been a listener to the Moth Podcast for some time now, and have always enjoyed the mix of professional storytelling with deeply personal and evocative content. Two of the stories I heard this week though moved me as much or more than any other I’ve heard.

The first, told by a comedian, wasn’t funny. The second, told by someone who plays the blues, was uplifting. Both made either made me laugh or cry - literally out loud.

Listen to

and then tell me whether you experienced the same thing.

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