Sydney Visual FoxPro User Group

I’m sitting in the Sydney VFP User Group – Michael Brazel is explaining the intricacies of VFP CursorAdaptor class. As usual, Craig Bailey has everything organised to a tee - including a chm file with agenda and notes. Craig uses (and raves about) West Wind HTML Help Builder - a scriptable, extensible HTML Help building app built by Rick Strahl. (BTW, Rick’s also just released an update to his free ASP.NET and MSDE Web Site Configuration Utility – check it out!)

<<Fast-Forward>> I'm now sitting on QFl07 en-route to Seattle via LAX. A bunch of us are going to Tech Ready – an internal technical training conference. I'm not sure what time it is. We crossed the Date Line about an hour ago, so I think it's yesterday.

Michael's presentation was followed by Scott Stovell talking about a Solution Explorer for VFP which allows the combination of more than one project, the organisation of project components into categories that make sense for that project (rather than the standard All, Data, Documents, Classes, Code, Other). Scott's looking to release this into the community while retaining final say on its shape as a benevolent dictator. I suggested he look at using Darren Neimke's Project Distributor site for this.

Finally. Craig demonstrated how to integrate the Media player control into a VFP form. All-in-all a very good evening.