TechEd Australia Partner Workshop Opportunities


As part of TechEd in Melbourne and Sydney this year, we're looking for expressions of interest from folks wanting to run training workshops around the event.

What we've got in mind is that organisations run half-, one-, or two-day workshops in the same city as the event, starting the day following TechEd. So in Melbourne that would be staring on October 9th, and in Sydney that would be October 29th.

You'd be responsible for sourcing a venue, taking bookings, managing the registration and so on as well as delivering the content of course. We'd prefer you offered the workshop in both cities, but won't insist on it.

What we'd provide is a curated list of "ancillary workshops" on the TechEd site and in TechEd communications, and a link to a site you provide with additional information and registration links. Pricing (if any) would be up to you.

Is this of interest to you or your organisation? If so, please drop me an email expressing your interest.