TechEd Australia Session Recordings and Decks

Update 4 Sep 2011 - The videos and slides are beginning to appear on the Channel 9 TechEd Australia 2011 Site.

Once again we've captured all of the main track sessions from TechEd Australia this year. We grabbed whatever video went to the screen and whatever audio went to the speakers. This means we've got almost 170 75-minute sessions to do the following to:

  1. Edit the files to remove the extra time at the beginning and the end then re-encode
  2. Upload the 200+ MB file to an Azure blob
  3. Process the high quality file to produce about 5 other formats including audio only, a couple of MP4 versions, at least one more WMV and some jpg thumbnails, as well as a smooth-streaming version
  4. Upload the slides to the an Azure blob
  5. Create the landing page for each session which will allow you to view the session and/or download any or all of the formats in 3 and 4 above (linked from

As of right now, numbers 1 and 4 are complete. Number 2 is about 10% done, number 3 is yet to start and while the pages are up (5), there's not yet a link to even the slides. Of course, if you were at TechEd Australia, you can log into the Schedule Builder and download slides from there.

I'll keep this blog updated every once in a while with the progress of things.