TFS MSSCCI Provider Update

Brian Harry's posted an update about the availability of the next drop of the MSSCCI provider for TFS (should be some time in the week of April 3). This will allow you to use the TFS source control features from IDEs other than VS2005. The IDEs they've tested against so far are

  • Visual Studio .NET 2003
  • Visual C++ 6 SP6
  • Visual Visual Basic 6 SP6
  • Visual FoxPro 9 SP1
  • Microsoft Access 2003 SP2
  • SQL Server Management Studio 2005

Many more IDEs than this support MSSCCI for integrated source control operations. Brian's asking users of those IDEs to check it out and let us know that (or whether) your favourite IDE works.

Beyond features, we would like to have this MSSCCI provider work in as many hosts as possible.  We don't have the resources to go test each of the many dozens of hosts that support MSSCCI.  We're hoping that you, the community, will help us with this effort.  We'd really appreciate it if you would try out the TFS MSSCCI provider in as many IDEs as you can and let us know what you find.  Please report success or failure and any bugs that you find.  Also let us know what version of the IDE you have tested it against.  We're going to add a web page to our Developer Center that lists all of the IDEs that have been confirmed to work.  Help the community out and report your experiences!  You can do this by sending mail to  This email address should be active within 24 hours from the time of this posting.

 I certainly think it's worth taking Brian up on his challenge.