The TechEd Developer Goodness just gets Gooder and Gooder!

Developer Cabana SessionsFollowing on from my previous post, there has been a great response to the Developer Cabana sessions - so much so that they're already fully booked! I've increased the room capacity slightly, so it'll be standing room only at the back, but it looks like this one is a winner.

New Developer Session

Next, I'm pleased to announce a bonus DEV track session:

DEV219 Introduction to Games Graphics Development in Direct3D

Friday, August 25 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM, Exhibition Cabana A (red)

Speaker(s): Ross Brown

Session Level(s): 200

Session Type(s): Breakout Session

Track(s): Developer Tools

Ross Brown. School of Software Engineering and Data Communications, Queensland University of Technology This presentation will introduce you to generating real-time graphics for games using Microsoft's Direct3D. This presentation will introduce you to the main programming components involved in getting 3D game content onto the screen and moving, including: the graphics pipeline, modelling objects, animating objects, and making them look realistic with lighting. It will end with a brief view of programming the video card for extra effect with shaders. The aim of this presentation will be to introduce you to the main areas required for further study. You will be able to use this talk as a basis for further investigation into Direct3D, and graphics programming in general. For this talk, it is assumed you are an experienced programmer, with a reasonable background in mathematics.

Hot on the heels of the XNA Games Studio Express announcement, this might be just what you need to kick-start you on that games development career you always wanted.


Finally, I had forgotton to mention the MCP Testing area at TechEd - This year at Tech.Ed 2006, you have the unique opportunity to take the Microsoft Certified Professional exam (MCP) for only $60 inc. GST (normally $180 inc. GST). But hurry, registrations close August 19th. The first 120 people to sucessfully complete a MCP certification exam at TechEd will receive a bonus "I Got There" cap (that's all the caps I could bring back on the plane from the US). You can't get one without taking a test, so sign up now! Hey, I managed to pass four MCP exams in the week I was in Seattle last month (and yes, I got a cap), so you should be able to manage :).

There only 300 certifications vouchers available. The MCP centre is open at TechEd 2006 from 22-25 Aug – please check the agenda page for exam times.

Limited Places Remaining

Chatting with Kleefy today, it turns out that we're almost at the stage where (for the first time in Australia) we're going to have to put up the "SOLD OUT" sign and stop selling TechEd tickets. If you're tempted to come to TechEd, don't delay. Register Today.