Want Help with that New Years Resolution? Take a Free* Certification Test

Update – Sorry folks. All these vouchers are gone. I’ll post again if I can get any more.

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Anyone who's followed this blog for any length of time knows I'm keen on the Certification Exams from Microsoft, but don't just take my word for it. Apparently:

  • 55% of hiring managers consider employee certification as a criterion for hiring1
  • 46% of hiring managers consider employee certification as a criterion for promotion1
  • 63% of hiring managers feel that certified individuals are more productive than their counterparts2
  • 40% of individuals reported that Microsoft certification was a factor in improving their ability to find ad keep a job or led to a promotion2
  • 43% of individuals reported salary increases as a result of Microsoft certification3
  • 53% of individuals believe that obtaining a certification makes them more marketable4
  • 14.3% of statistics are made up5

If you've been hanging out, umming and ahing, wondering whether you should pony up your $ and see if you've got the goods, then wait no longer! I have 15 vouchers each for 1 free exam. All you have to do is contact me via this blog with your name and postal address and ask me for a voucher*.

All I ask in return is that you do actually commit to doing an exam (note that it must be before 30 April 2009). If you'd like to report back on the results you're welcome to do so by leaving a comment here afterwards and/or sharing your MCP transcript.

* Offer available to 1st 15 applicants. Must be resident in Australia. Vouchers valid until 30 April 2009
1 2006 IDC Study
2 2006 MCP Customer Satisfaction Survey
3 Redmond Magazine 2006 survey of compensation for IT professionals
4 2008 Intrepid Survey
5 2009 random finger in the wind