WORKAROUND - VS2005 Beta2 Keyboard Stops Responding

I was presenting to the Canberra Avanade .NET developers last Wednesday and was bitten (again) by the Keyboard Stops Responding issue that Peter (note his new blog URL) reported. I've never been able to repro it consistently, but it's bitten me a number of times.

There was a bloke in the audience (sorry, didn't catch the name) who told me a workaround.

With the cursor in the code window, press Alt+Enter and BINGO! all's good again.


Bill pointed out (via his Blog because he couldn't post a comment here for some reason although the new site has been undergoing some pretty heavy maintenance over the last little while, so that may have something to do with it), that I'm about a week late with this post. Bill Vaughn had posted the workaround 7 days before I did.

Thanks B1 and B2. BTW, on B1's advice, I've now subscribed to B2's blog as well.