Astoria team is hiring!

The Astoria team is hiring!

We have positions open for Developers and Program Managers.  Currently, we are finishing up V1 and planning for V2, so it is a great time to join the team.  For V2, we are thinking about expanding the project into new areas (e.g. offline support, sync, dynamic language support) so there will be plenty of new and exciting work.

Please forward your resume to if you’re interested.  The project covers a diverse set of technical areas (databases, Linq, O/R, REST, etc) so we value passion for the technology more than deep expertise in any particular area. The Astoria team uses an agile development model, so the project moves fast and we encourage individuals to take on a variety of roles and responsibilities. If you’re a developer who wants to be responsible for more than just coding (i.e. API design, specification writing, working with customers and partners) this team is the place for you!

And finally, team members must be willing to participate in the grueling Team Astoria off-site events.

Update 4/23/08 - As of the start of this week, we now have a block of additional new positions on the Astoria Team we need to fill. These include development, program management, and quality assurance positions. We are trying to fill these very quickly, so if you are interested please contact us soon.