Data Access Panel at TechEd 2004

I will be hosting a Data Access discussion panel at TechEd 2004:


DATPNL Data Access Round Table

Thursday, May 27 11:45 AM- 12:30 PM


The following people will be participating in the panel discussion:


Mark Fussell – Lead Program Manager for System.Xml and English soccer apologist

Pablo Castro - Program Manager for and Argentinean soccer apologist

Luca Bolognese – Program Manager for ObjectSpaces and Italian soccer apologist

Arpan Desai – Program Manager for XQuery. (No World Cup soccer affiliation I believe).


The goals of discussion are 1) to compare and contrast the current data access technologies and 2) to discuss overall vision and future direction. However, I would also like at least some (if not a majority) of the panel discussion to be customer driven so hence I am asking for topics and questions. Please email me any and all suggestions.