Dataset performance improvements in frameworks V2

System.Data.DataSet contains some very significant performance improvements over prior versions – particularly for large result set scenarios.

In particular,

  • Highly efficient Binary Remoting -- For large Dataset, orders of magnitude better than v1.x
  • Row Insert, Delete and Modify operations – For large Dataset, orders of magnitude better than v1.x. For instance, for a DataTable with PrimaryKey constraint, inserting million rows in random order takes around 45 seconds. Everett took 30 Minutes.
  • Maintaining DataViews in sync with underlying DataTable was very expensive in v1.x, In Whidbey it’s extremely fast – orders of magnitude better.
  • WebServices/Remoting for TypedDataset: It can be send across to other end without having to send its schema, significantly reducing the serialized payload and giving approx 4x+ improvement in end-end latency.

The following article (in addition to highlighting some new V2 features) also details the performance improvements.