(hot) Teched

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– where the weather forecast is HOT.

am here to do a talk on SqlXml, however,
that talk is not till Friday – so it will give me plenty of time to take in some other talks, and
work at the data access both a bit. Come
by and chat about SqlXml if you get a chance. "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />We
will be giving out copies of Wr3 sp2 on CD.

My talk is going to focus on the
SqlXml mapping technology, and will contain a demo which shows how to use SqlXml and
.net Xml Serialization to turn Sql Server into a .net object store. I
will be writing about the same demo in part two of my latest Extreme Xml column.


One of the really cool things about
Teched this year is that there is a wireless network throughout the entire convention. In
fact, I am currently sitting in the “Exchange Lounge” (Couldn’t find the Sql Server
one) and posting this Blog. Unfortunately,
there won’t be any ‘80’s bands playing hear (in ’99 we had Blondie, ’01 Kool and the
Gang, etc) – just “Modern Music”…