Linq to anything

Along with my manager Shyam Pather, I am giving the following talk at the upcoming Dev Connections conference:


MDA04: LINQ to XML, SQL, Entities, DataSets and Co.: Data Access Technologies Explained
With the release of the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Microsoft introduced several new data access technologies based on its LINQ technology, such as LINQ to SQL and LINQ to DataSets. Shortly after, we expect Microsoft to release the ADO.NET Entity Framework which enables LINQ to Entities in addition to Entity SQL. Finally, we have all the existing ADO.NET data access patterns. This raises one important question: Which data access technology is best suited for which situation? In this session, we look at different scenarios and requirements that can inform your technology decision.


As part of this talk, we are trying to give as many Linq demos as possible. So far we have:


Linq to Objects

Linq to Sql

Linq to Entities

Linq to DataSet

Linq to Xml

Linq to ADO.NET Data Services

Linq to Windows Azure Storage

Linq to Sql Data Services


Plus a few surprises.


I am looking at something real esoteric to write a Linq provider. So if anyone has any ideas, please leave a comment or email me.