SqlXml WR3 sp2 ... finally!

WR3 sp2 RTM
has been released. Actually,
it was released late last week - but I have been so busy I
haven't had time to post about it. = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />But
that is another story for another time.


In my opinion, this should have been called
a 3.1 release instead of a SP. Included
in it are some solid, customer driven features (bulkload ID propagation, no requirement
for Sql Client tools to name a couple, null support for value types in SqlXml Soap
Support), plus several key bug fixes. I
will try to blog about some of those as time permits.


Seriously this is by far the best quality
SqlXml release ever. Those currently
running SqlXml WR3 should upgrade, and those using pre-WR3 releases should, as time
permits, migrate their applications to WR3.


On a sadder note, Srinivasa Burugapalli -
"SriniB", the SqlXml dev lead has moved onto another project here at Microsoft. In
terms of SqlXml, he is definitely the SqlXml Chief of Staff, and has been involved
in every release of SqlXml (including both betas of Sql 2000!) that ever existed. In
addition, he was a proficient coder, and wrote a large portion of the SqlXml code


In terms of Microsoft time, staying on one
project for almost five years is a long time. It
is amazing that we were able to keep basically the same team together for so many
releases. As with other internal Microsoft
transfers, I have mixed feelings. It
is sad to see Srini go, but makes me feel better to think he will be contributing
to a related Microsoft product.