Taking Live Writer for a test drive

For a while now, I have been using Outlook as my blog editor.  Basically, this means I have a folder on my inbox where I keep various drafts of potential posts which are all usually about half done. 

So while cleaning up my draft folder, I decided to go crazy and give Live Writer a try. 

The application is very simple and straight forward - but seems to do 90% of what bloggers want.   Think of Wordpad for blogging.  I was basically able to understand and use almost every feature in my first twenty minutes without looking at any documentation!

It was really simple to connect to my blog on blogs.msdn.com.  Just needed to give the url and my login/ password.  From there, one uses a standard Word like WSYIWYG editor to author posts.  The editor provides several different views, including a web preview with displays the post as it would look on blog.

The one feature I really like is the ability to save various drafts.  This will in effect replace my outlook folder.   I can't quite figure out how to save drafts on my blog, but I am thinking that might be a problem with my site.

A couple of other nice features is the ability to insert a Windows Live Map via the editor:

And also some tags:

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Overall, I got to say this is a very nice product.