Take a Video Tour of the Visual Studio Emulator for Android

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with my good friend Robert Green to record another episode of Visual Studio Toolbox on Channel 9. This was my third appearance on the show, having covered my AzureChatr cross-platform chat app and developing Windows 10 apps with speech and Cortana in previous shows.

This time, Robert and I talked about the awesome Visual Studio Emulator for Android. That’s right, Microsoft actually makes an Android emulator. It’s full featured with support location services, accelerometer, camera, storage cards, network simulation and more. It’s super fast, thanks to hardware virtualization with Hyper-V and GPU support. And it’s free, totally free. You can even install it as a standalone app, without having to install Visual Studio, though you might as well get that too since Visual Studio Community Edition is completely free. Better yet, since the emulator plugs directly into ADB, you can use it with Android Studio, Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio, IntelliJ or Eclipse.

If you want to learn more and see the emulator in action, watch the following video below or on Channel 9.

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This article was originally posted on Nick Landry's Age of Mobility blog .