A guessing game created with Popfly

The credit for this idea goes to Tim Rice, a superstar developer I have the pleasure of working with every day.  The game is simple: Try to guess which of the listed locations is pictured by selecting the choice in the dropdown.

This was created by grabbing recent posts from Twitter, extracting the locations, plopping them in a dropdown, then randomly choosing one to use as a search term for Flickr.  The whole thing - even the logic to determine whether you're right or wrong - could almost be written without code if it weren't for some bugs.  (Grrr... it's my fault, though.)  Still, writing code against such simple APIs exposed by the blocks (Twitter, Flickr, User Input, Filter, Calculator, and more) is a pleasure.  Trying to do things without code is a fun challenge for me, though!  It helps me to validate the power of the designer.