A new job

When I joined Microsoft and the CLR team (then known as the COM+ 2.0 or "COM+ Confidential" team) in 1999, I was one of 3 test developers (SDET in Microsoft-speak) for COM Interoperability.  During this time is when I got married and wrote my Interop book (in the year leading up to shipping v1.0 of the .NET Framework in 2002).  And let me tell you - there's no better way to test a product than to write a book about it!  For v1.1, I became the manager (or "lead") for the Interop test team.  This is also when I created the CLR SPY tool.  Then throughout v2.0, my team grew to not only cover Interop, but also Reflection, Reflection Emit & Lightweight CodeGen, Delegates, Generics, Hosting, Code Download, Remoting Infrastructure, and Managed Debugging Assistants.  During this time, I got to do some more fun things related to code coverage, plus I created the pinvoke.net repository.  I've had an absolutely amazing time being on the team and getting to connect with customers, whether at conferences, at user groups, at Redmond, or over e-mail!

Now, after 6 years, I'm leaving the CLR team and leaving the SDET role.  I'm moving to Lori Pearce's WinFX SDK team, and I couldn't be more excited!  I'll be working primarily with Brent Rector, Steven Goulet (Hmm... he needs to add some content to his blog!), and Mike Mueller (I guess he has no blog).  My focus will be on migration from Win32 to WinFX, so I'm thrilled to get a chance to focus more on our end-to-end development experience, and to play with Avalon & Indigo!

In case you're wondering, I still will be maintaining pinvoke.net, and one of these days I'll get around to updating CLR SPY for Whidbey.  But I am taking this opportuntity to revive my blog, and align it with my current focus.  So stay tuned to hear more!

Finally, since my blog's URL isn't the easiest to remember, I've registered two new domains names that will take you here: Win32toWinFX.com or simply 32toFX.com.  Enjoy!