A new job... and we're hiring!

I'm happy to report that I've recently joined a new team at Microsoft: John Montgomery's "Non-Professional Tools" team.  We're still in startup mode... it's just the two of us right now, but more folks are joining soon and we're looking to hire many more!

Our team's charter is basically to make programming fun, rewarding and cool for hobbyist/student developers.  So whether you're a good fit for program management, development, test, or being my manager (along with several other developers and test developers), send me your resume if you're interested!  Here's a description from the current two postings I found at the Microsoft jobs site:

Have you ever imagined a “Live” development experience? Do you want to help build one? Did you know that there are over 25M software enthusiasts and students, while there are only 7M professional developers? Did you also know that we really have not tapped into the 25M market? Come explore the possibilities with us on the Tuscany startup team.
The “Tuscany” team is responsible for creating the next-generation experience for enthusiast and hobbyist developers. Our goal is to create a wave of enthusiasts who love building experiences with Microsoft software and services by making it fun, rewarding and cool to create these experiences. We’re exploring some very non-traditional -some might say heretical- methods to achieve this goal, not the least of which is to create a “Live” development experience and to hit a ship cycle that has us introducing new functionality in weeks and months instead of years.