A new XAML wiki: XAMLshare.com

Could wikis be the solution to all the world's problems?  Probably not, but I've created another one anyway.  It's called XAMLshare.

I'm starting to see folks share XAML samples on their blogs (myself included), and thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a central repository of samples?"  So there you go.  Unlike pinvoke.net, I'm unable to jump-start it with tons of content.  I "XAMLshared" my playing card samples, but hopefully Nathan, Sean, and other people will start contributing their awesome samples, too!

I imagine that page naming could become tricky, as we might end up with a list like:

  • CoolButton
  • CoolButton2
  • CoolButton3
  • CoolerButton
  • ...

But hopefully people can come up with descriptive (or at least unique) names for their controls, like "WoodenButton", "WoodenListBox", etc. that cross-reference each other.  I've also created a "Themes" category so someone could just contribute a "Wooden" style that re-skins all controls, for example.

I don't know how useful the site will end up being, but I'm open to suggestions on organization or anything else!