I (heart) ATL

I just got back from a vacation to the east coast, and in one restaurant bathroom I saw an interesting piece of graffiti:

      I (heart) ATL

Actually, that wasn't the only interesting insight written on that stall wall.  There also was:

      Continental breakfast isn't real breakfast!

Indeed.  But anyway, I was pretty surprised to see such passion for ATL... until I remembered that I was in Atlanta, so ATL probably didn't stand for Active Template Library!  It was a simple case of civic pride.

That's actually not the first time my comprehension of the English language was tainted by tech jargon.  I once did a double-take when someone (Joey, maybe?) said "cocreate" in an episode of Friends!  Has anyone else been caught off guard by tech jargon seeming to appear in non-technical conversation?  When you hear “mom,” is Microsoft Operations Manager the first thing that pops into your mind?  (I hope not!)