Internet Hearts: Guess the LOC

TechEd made me gain about 5 pounds, and my bag somehow gained 20 pounds.  (And I didn't get a single piece of swag from the Product Pavilion, I swear.)  But I'm back in Redmond after a 24-hour journey from Orlando to Seattle, due to delays at Chicago O'Hare.  I was intrigued that at the beginning of each flight, United plugged (the original) Channel 9.  Perhaps they're starting to appreciate some corporate transparency, too?  Now if United (or any other airline) employees started blogging, that would be interesting...

Anyway, as I mentioned right before TechEd, I now have the source code to Internet Hearts, and will blog about a few of the challenges in integrating new WinFX functionality.  But first, can you guess how many lines of code comprise this application (client and server)?

Some clues: It's a C++ winsock application.  It hasn't been touched since around 1999.  It uses ATL & WTL.  You can explore the client's functionality (on the "Games" menu) if you've got Windows XP.  And to be clear, I'm talking about the card game.  When I mentioned Internet Hearts to Chris Brumme, he wondered if I was talking about an online dating service! :)