.NET Framework 2.0 and app compat

Jason Zander, head of the CLR, does a great job explaining application compatibility issues that the team is focused on.  I'm curious to hear about managed apps and components that have been released, whether they're "100% managed code" or even 1% managed code.  And have you tried installing & running them on Whidbey yet (without .NET Framework v1.x installed on the machine or forced to use v2.0 via config)?  We know we have some work to do between Beta 2 and RTM, but we'd love to hear results from more apps & components!  So come on, here's an excuse to plug a product/project without it looking like comment spam!

As an example, here's a cool application Jason told me about that's written in C# and uses DirectX.  I haven't tried yet, but I'm told this indeed runs fine on Whidbey Beta 2.