Popfly Game Creator! (What I've been doing the last 6 months)

At the end of last year, my team was nice enough to let me start working on a Silverlight-based casual game creator for Popfly, one that makes it easy to create a variety of games with no coding experience required.  And here it is!  For the past 2-3 months we've had two additional developers, a program manager, and a test developer focused on this, so today is a huge milestone for us.  Everyone on the Popfly team has been a huge help making this happen.  And since several of us only slept from about 3:30-7:30 last night, I'm not going to write very much right now. :)  But here are some notes:

  • The whole thing works with Silverlight 1.0, as well as Silverlight 2 (currently in beta).
  • You can easily change any game (whether it's a visual thing or a logic thing) by clicking the "tweak" button at the bottom of all games and logging into Popfly.
  • We've got the best library of XAML-based artwork I know of (and this will continue to grow, especially as we open it up).  Right now the artwork comes from a variety of places, but huge thanks go to Dan at lostgarden.com, the Expression team, and my wife.
  • We've got some great sound effects and music.  Bonus points to anyone who can figure out where the music (classic songs such as "7 AM Illusion" and "Punkarama") came from.
  • I'm sure you'll have a mile-long list of feature requests.  So do we!  This is step 1... expect us to keep updating this regularly.

Here are two videos I've recorded to explain more:

One example of creating a game from scratch

A montage of some of our sample games (created with little or no code)