Silverlight 1.0 Unleashed is now available (sort of)

I'm going through the very last revisions, but in parallel the book has now appeared on Safari as a "Rough Cut."  What is a Rough Cut?  The almost-final chapters in "raw" unformatted HTML.  The pictures in the book should still show up, although they might appear in black & white unlike the full-color printed book.  On Safari, you can purchase immediate online access, or even a bundle that includes the printed book (when it is completely finished, of course).  I don't have online access myself, but I believe the chapters should start trickling in on Monday or Tuesday.

By the way, here is the final table of contents:

Part I Fundamentals
1      Getting Started
2      XAML
Part II Creating Static Content
3      Shapes, Lines, and Curves
4      Text
5      Brushes and Images
6      Positioning and Transforming Elements
Part III Making Your Content Come to Life
7      Responding to Input Events
8      Downloading Content on Demand
9      Animation
10    Audio & Video