The Finalizer: 'IDispatch the Fury!'

I'm groaning at the IDispatch reference, but you have to check this out at  It's a BattleBot powered by the .NET Compact Framework that made it's debut at this morning's TechEd keynote!  BattleBots... Samantha Bee... am I at a Microsoft conference or a Comedy Central conference?  Maybe Dave Chappelle will surprise people with an appearance tomorrow???

It was another fun keynote, filled with information about SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, and BizTalk Server 2006, such as the launch date of the week of November 7.  These are products that we're very proud of!

It's been another full day, but I'm sticking around the conference center through 10 PM to catch two Birds of a Feather sessions: Avalon/XAML vs. Windows Forms, and Preparing for Indigo.