Work anniversaries and bad beginnings

Yesterday was my 6-year anniversary at Microsoft, so I guess I was at the same orientation as Heather!

Jay and others have mentioned the Microsoft tradition of celebrating our “anniversaries” by bringing in a pound of candy for each year we’ve been here.  Indeed, running up and down the aisles of our local grocery store grabbing pounds and pounds of bulk candy is one of my favorite annual rituals!  This year I filled my bowl with chocolate-covered gummy bears (which are delicious, even though they sound gross), candy Legos that you can actually build things with, non-chocolate Tootsie Rolls, chocolate-mint and espresso balls, etc. etc.

On my first day at Microsoft in 1999, I wasn’t even sure if I really had a job!  After orientation ended, I went to my manager (whose name, office, and phone # were printed on an index card), but he wasn’t there.  So I waited and waited… then finally went home around 6 PM.  I left him a voicemail saying that I’d come back tomorrow at 9, and hopefully he’d be there, too!  It turns out that both my manager and manager’s manager went home sick that day, so having someone to greet me and show me my office slipped through the cracks!

I seem to have a history of bad luck on first days, though.  On my first day as an intern at Intel, we had a team meeting.  When I introduced myself, my manager said, “You’re a computer science major?  I thought you were an electrical engineer!  I guess we have to rethink your project…”  Whoops!

Fortunately both experiences ended up to be quite positive!