Hyper-V’s readiness for primetime

I was browsing the blogoshpere today and ran across some posts that erked me. So I emailed the below to Bink over at HyperVoria and he posted it, and I figured I may as well post it too.

The Virtualization RDP (Microsoft Rapid Deployment Program) has over 100 customers running Hyper-V & SCVMM 2008 in production. Some of these are very large enterprises. The evidence produced from these deployments will be available at the Virtualization Launch event. https://www.getvirtualnow.com/main.aspx


A couple early public case studies

One question that bubbles up around any product’s v.1 RTM is “is it (Hyper-V) ready for the enterprise”? In addition to the case studies produced by RDP program, here are just a couple examples if you’re ever faced with this question, or if you’re just curious about how far Hyper-V can be pushed.

· Collectively, the TechNet and MSDN websites handle over 4 million hits per month and have been running 100% on Hyper-V since April 2008. Read about the implementation at Microsoft.com Operations Virtualizes MSDN and TechNet on Hyper-V.

· Microsoft.com is one of the heaviest traffic websites on the internet, at 15,000 requests per second, 1.2 billion page views per month, and 280M worldwide unique users per month as well as supporting ~5000 content contributors from within the company. On June 5th the Operations Team turned up a full sixteen VM cluster hosting www.microsoft.com on Hyper-V. Read more at Microsoft.com Powered by Hyper-V