Microsoft Server Virtualization Resources

Here's my obscenely vast list of resources that I actually do reference and send to customers on a very regular basis. Hopefully it's at least catagorized in a reasonable enough manner to make it useful to you!

Assessment / Downloads / Tools

Microsoft Virtualization ROI Tool (calculate the total return on investment)

Microsoft Hyper-Green Tool (estimate power, cooling, and CO2 savings)

Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Trials

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 Eval

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Solution Accelerator

Linux Integration Components for Hyper-V

VMC to Hyper-V Import Tool Available

Necessary Updates / Hotfixes

Comprehensive List of Hyper-V Updates

Recommended hotfixes for Windows Server 2008-based server clusters

Recommended hotfixes for System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008

Updates / Hotfixes for Specific Issues

Why can't I start my VM when there is plenty of free memory?

Availability of a Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) update rollup package for Windows Server 2003 to resolve some VSS snapshot issues

Prerequisites and Known Issues with Hyper-V Protection (DPM SP1)

Troubleshooting Hyper-V



Web Sites


Virtualization TechCenter on Microsoft TechNet

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Hyper-V - Resources

Install the Hyper-V Role on a Server Core Installation of Windows Server 2008 - Virtualization and Server Consolidation

Server Core Installation Option of Windows Server 2008 Step-By-Step Guide

TechNet Library - Hyper-V

Command-Line Syntax Key

TechNet Library - Windows Server 2008

Netsh Commands for Wired Local Area Network (LAN)

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008

Server Core Configurator

TechNet - System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008

Server Core Blog

Failover Clustering Resource Center

Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator User's Guide 2.x

Posts / Articles / Whitepapers

Clustering & HA

Hyper-V Planning and Deployment Guide

Step-by-Step Guide for Testing Hyper-V and Failover Clustering

Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide

Checklist: Failover Cluster in Which All Nodes Run Hyper-V

Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2008

Configuring a Two-Node File Server Failover Cluster

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 Reviewer’s Guide

Failover Cluster Requirements

MSDN and TechNet Powered by Hyper-V

How are virtual machines (VMs) failed over between nodes in a Windows Server 2008 failover cluster?

MS IT Showcase: Identifying Server Candidates for Virtualization

Failover behavior on clusters or three or more nodes

Virtualization Strategy Provides Tools, Processes, and Compliance Capabilities to Enhance Business Support and Drive Adoption

iSCSI Cluster Support: Frequently Asked Questions

TechNet Magazine October 2008: Virtualization


SNW Demo: Windows Server 2008 Core, Hyper-V and Failover Clustering - with screenshots


Storage & Virtual Disks

Virtualization Team Blog

Storage options for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

Windows Server Team Blog

More on Storage Options for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

Virtualization Feed

Hyper-V Storage Analysis


Boot from SCSI in Virtual Server vs. Boot from IDE in Windows Server virtualization

Cheng - SCVMM Program Manager

NetApp and Microsoft Virtualization Storage Best Practices

Ben Armstrong - virtual_pc_guy

MPIO - NetApp DSM vs. Microsoft's generic

Jose Barreto - Storage Architect

Storage devices that are certified for Windows Server 2008

Rakeshm - SCVMM program manager


Robert Larson - MCS Architect

Backup and Disaster Recovery for Server Virtualization

Mike Sterling - Hyper-V PM

How to back up Hyper-V virtual machines from the parent partition on a Windows Server 2008-based computer by using Windows Server Backup


Invoking diskshadow to back up a Virtual Machine from a Hyper-V Host

TechNet Forums - Virtualization / Hyper-V

DPM SP1 prerequisites and Known Issues with Hyper-V Protection

TechNet Forums - Virtual Machine Manager

SCDPM Product Documentation


DPM 2007 Planning Guide

getVIRTUALnow - Register for a Microsoft Virtualization Launch event

DPM 2007 Operations Guide

Virtualization Congress 2008

VM Snapshots

Microsoft TechEd

Virtual Machine Snapshotting under Hyper-V

Microsoft Management Summit

Virtual Machine Snapshots with Hyper-V


Getting Undo Functionality with Hyper-V Snapshots

TechNet Edge - Virtualization

Hyper-V and Snapshots Part 1 and Part 2

Transitioning to Windows Virtualization


TechNet Webcast: High Availability with Hyper-V (Level 300)

PowerShell Management Library for Hyper-V

TechNet Webcast: A 360 View Inside the Virtual World (Level 200)

Creating an awesome developer sandbox using Hyper-V (Part 1)

TechNet Webcast: Windows Server Virtualization Under the Hood (Level 200)

Workloads & Applications

TechNet Webcast: Assess Your Server IT Infrastructure for Windows Server 2008 Migration and Virtualization (Level 300)

Microsoft server software and supported virtualization environments

TechNet Webcast: Virtualization of Production Workloads Including Active Directory, SQL Server, and Others (Level 200)

Support policy for Microsoft SQL Server products that are running in a hardware virtualization environment

TechNet Webcast: Using Virtual Machine Manager and Windows PowerShell to Deploy HP Windows Server 2008 Academy Labs (Level 300)

Microsoft Support Policies and Recommendations for Exchange Servers in Hardware Virtualization Environments

Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V R2

Running Domain Controllers in Hyper-V

Windows Server 2008 R2 Overview Feature Overview

Active Directory in Hyper-V environments Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3

Hyper-V: Step-by-Step Guide to Using Live Migration in Windows Server 2008 R2

Microsoft Support Policies and Recommendations for Exchange Servers in Hardware Virtualization Environments

Windows Server 2008 R2 & Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 - Hyper-V Live Migration Overview & Architecture

Exchange 2007: To Hyper-V or not to Hyper-V?

Running SQL Server 2008 in Hyper-V Environment

Oracle Database 10g Performance on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Virtualizing PeopleSoft with Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

System Center Integration

Configuring Operations Manager Integration with VMM 2008

Enabling PRO in VMM 2008

Configuring SCVMM 2008's PRO Feature with Ops Manager

Operations Manager 2007 Accounts