It's been a while...

...since I last Blogged. Lots has happened.


XP SP2 has shipped. You really should install it. It does indeed rock. No problems with install, (much) better security throughout. If you can't find it on Windows Update, check here. I prefer to have a full copy of the install files handy, so you might want to download it anyways, even if you use Windows Update...


Put a lot of time lately into the X04 event Developer track. Co-presented with David Woo from Pseudo Interactive. We had a great turnout to the event. This was the first time we really had a chance to engage the hardcore game developer community in Canada.

Showed off one of the premier DirectX titles, Far Cry. What a cool game, and when you really delve into it, it's amazing that it's all being rendered realtime in Direct3D.

I spoke about Visual Studio 2005 Team System, and it's ability to help improve developer efficiency. Also spoke about and demonstrated a Managed DirectX game, which I called "My Cheesy Space Game". We then spoke about futures, including the use of Avalon and Avalon 3D as a shell for game interfaces and/or games themselves, as well as the new Games Center in Longhorn, including the patching manager, parental controls integration, save game support, game profile extensions, and buddy matchmaking. A lot to cover in 45 minutes.

I'll be working to move this content public, cleaning up my crappy code so it actually makes sense, and handing some of it to Anthony Vranic to deliver to the academic community during his next tour.

Also saw some of the new titles for XBOX coming up. Amazing how the games are advancing on XBOX. Halo 2 was there of course, but Splinter Cell 'X' and Fable were also right up there. I can't wait to get my grubby hands of Fable.