From Web Application to Web Site running in Azure, in 10 minutes, using Team Foundation Service

I wanted to share a video snippet from a webcast I recently delivered on the Team Foundation Service (you can view the entire webcast on demand, at ).

 The really amazing power of this scenario is very compelling. From having a web application project in Visual Studio 2012, to a fully published and running web site in Azure, in under 10 minutes (and probably less if you take my rambling out of the equation!)

This clip goes through creating a new Azure Web Site step by step, getting the publishing settings, adding the project to source control in Team Foundation Service, configuring the build, and executing it.

For more information on this scenario, check out the webcast link above, or send me a note!

If you don't have an account for Team Foundation Service, you can quickly create one at

And of course, for Azure, see for a free trial, or more information about any existing Azure benefits you might already have.

Enjoy!!2024&authkey=!AKwdkHadG8kxbzQ for the video