Funky SQL Ports...

Great tip from Bill Brockbank... Useful in very tightly locked-down environments....

.NET Data Access Architecture Guide


Specifying a Port

If your instance of SQL Server is configured to listen on a port other than the default 1433, you can specify the port number to connect to by:

  • Using the Client Network Utility.
  • Specifying the port number with the "Server" or "Data Source" name-value pair supplied to the connection string. Use a string with the following format:
 ·                "Data Source=ServerName, PortNumber"

Note   ServerName might be an IP address or Domain Name System (DNS) name. For optimum performance, use an IP address to avoid a DNS lookup.

So, if we were configured to listen on port 1450, we would specify A connection string like:

“Data Source=SQLRocks, 1450”


Note also that in some cases, you will need to modify the SQL Client to connect on the appropriate port. Run the SQL Client Network Utility to do this....