Guidance:Team Development with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

 So in working with customers across Canada who are adopting Team Foundation Server (and there are a LOT of them, it's all I seem to be doing now), I see a couple of very interesting subject areas emerging:

1) How do I figure out process for my organization, implement it, and move to a more mature state in software development (to gain all the benefits), and

2) Where can I go to get prescriptive guidance on how to use Team System, in particular, Team Foundation Server, to effectively build software systems.

Well, both of these subject areas are being addressed these days, however the one that's been a bit behind (in terms of written work and guidance) has been the second option.

That's why I'm so happy to see materials such as the "Team Development with TFS" guide come to life! This is wickedly good material!

Part I, Fundamentals
Part II, Source Control
Part III, Builds
Part IV, Large Project Considerations
Part V, Project Management
Part VI, Process Guidance
Part VII, Reporting
Part VIII, Setting Up and Maintaining the Team Environment

Source: patterns & practices: Team Development with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server