It's that time of year again...

Well, spring is coming like a lamb this year. Still have snow on the ground (STILL) and got another dusting last night.

Familiar sounds are abound. For my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs, it's been a story of too little, too late. They've been excellent for the latter part of the season (among the best in the NHL), which makes the fact that they were so terrible earlier in the year seem, well... OK, so it's still depressing.

Now, interestingly enough, if you asked me a couple of weeks ago, I could have sworn I heard the distant sound of choking coming from the area around Ottawa... a little quieter now, but I expect that noise to return as the climate warms a bit.

I wish the weather was better, but for the third straight year, my IM picture changes today to:


There's always next year...