Managed DirectX Rambling...

OK, so I've listened to the .NET Show episode on Managed DX (  ) and read a whole bunch, downloaded the code samples, etc. and realized, this thing rocks. It's not (yet) for first person shooters, but heck, for any other type of game, wow.

I love Media Center. I copied the extracted WMV file that contained the show to the MCE box, and sat back and watched it with a nice Crown and Coke on Ice. Nice.

I've actually found a lot of great Blogs with links to Managed DX tutorials (google to the rescue, once again), and am looking forward to my book arriving for Chapters/Indigo ( Managed DirectX 9 Kick Start: Graphics and Game Programming: Graphics and Game Programming ), but I'm not holding my breath. Last time I ordered something that was “in stock” for delivery, I got it three months later. We'll see.

I was thinking of having a little fun with building an app that would work nicely in Windows Media Center, especially with the remote. Maybe a cool media library explorer, browser, or something similar. Had a great suggestion to build a 3D solar system model with the planets spinning, etc. Maybe I'll take that and make it into a pinball game or something....

M. Cassell is starting an Academic .NET User Group for the Greater Toronto Area. I think this is such a cool idea. Can't wait to go an present to them on something fun.

Oh yeah, Register for VSLive in Toronto and use the 'adam' in the priority code for an extra 10% discount. Should be a GREAT conference.