Mobile Developers Conference and VSLive! in Toronto: Register now!!!

REGISTER FOR MDC Toronto for ONLY $950!

MSDN Universal Subscribers can get an additional $200 off the passport cost, plus another 10% off on registration by using 'ADAM' as a promotional code...

Here’s a quick look at the sessions that will be covered at MDC Toronto:

· Introduction to Smart Device Programming with Visual Studio .NET 2003 and the .NET Compact Framework

· Performance Optimization for SQL Server CE v2.0 - Kevin Collins

· Developing with the .NET Compact Framework Today and Tomorrow

· .NET Compact Framework Performance Tips & Tricks

· Data Access And Synchronization Strategies For The .NET Compact Framework

· First Look at the Microsoft MapPoint Location Server (MLS)

· SQL Server Mobile Edition "Laguna" - The Next Version Of SQL Server CE Developing Resolution and Screen Orientation-Aware Applications for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition –

· Windows Mobile Development Tips and Tricks (Pocket PC and Smartphone)

· Implementing Great Applications through Excellent Memory, Power and Performance Management

· Interop with the .NET Compact Framework

What will be covered at the VSLive! event?

· Service-oriented Architecture (SOA)

· Data Access with ADO.NET and ASP Data Binding

· Smart Client Development

· Visual Basic .NET Best Practices

· Building for Tomorrow with ASP.NET 2.0

· Black Belt C# 2.0

· Whidbey Updates

· Best Practices for Mobile UI Development

PLUS you can take advantage of FULL DAY WORKSHOPS before and after the event! There are 4 workshops to choose from:

· Build a .NET Application in a Day

· ASP.NET Jumpstart

· C# as a Better C++

· Architecture and Design in .NET  for information and registration.