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Running Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Professional Edition or Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition without an MSDN subscription? You’re missing out!

An MSDN subscription gives you all the tools you need for your development and test environment. And if you subscribe before June 30, 2009, you’ll save 20% to  40%!

Adding an MSDN subscription to your existing licenses of Visual Studio offers a cost effective way to receive and license the use of Microsoft-based platforms and tools for the purposes of development and testing. Plus, you can help increase your development agility and productivity with instant access to:

  • the latest versions of Visual Studio and other Microsoft-based technologies;
  • testing environments, so you can overcome issues before they start costing you money and customer satisfaction; and,
  • an online concierge service, to help you zero in on the information you need, when you need it.

And if you start a new 2 or 3-year subscription, you’ll get Visual Studio 2010 when it ships
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Exclusive offer on MSDN Premium or Professional
Save 20% to 40% when you subscribe before June 30, 2009.*
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