Spring Tour: Prob: Source control on sample...

You might have had a problem when you tried to open the sample application that came on the CD we distributed at the show. It will probably indicate that the source control database could not be found, or something to that effect.

To clear up this issue, do two things:

1)  Right click on the folder where you've placed the extracted files, and select properties for the folder. Make sure that you uncheck the  Read Only attribute, and allow this to propegate through the folder structure

2) In the folder, delete the two files that are of type

   a) Visual Studio Source Control Project Metadata file

   b) Visual Studio Source Control Solution Metadata file

(there should be two files, one with the .vssscc and another with .vspscc)

To change the signing options, right click on the project in solution explorer, and choose properties. On the signing tab, either change the keys, or unselect the option to sign the assembly. The password for the keys will either be blank, or 'password' without the quotes, I believe.