TFS Powertoys v 1.1 released

Here's what's included:


1. Unshelve – adds merge capability to the existing Unshelve command

2. Rollback – allows you to undo a checkin of a changeset

3. Online – allows syncing of files that you’ve edited while not connected to a server

4. GetCS -- gets all the items listed in a specific changeset

5. UU – undo unchanged. Undo checkout with a check for what’s actually unchanged

6. Review – code review tool, review files in any order you choose

7. History – display version history of a file, folder or branch

8. Workitem – create, view or update a work item from the command line

9. Query – run a work item query and display the results

10. Bind – convert VSS-bound solutions into TFS-bound solutions

11. TreeDiff – Compare folders and reconcile differences

12. Annotate – show who last changed a section of code