What's New in Visual Studio 2008

There's even more new in the core Visual Studio 2008 product set... I've pasted below links to a lot of great topics from the msdn library, as a shortcut.

Happy reading!


What's New in Visual Studio 2008 (CLICK HERE!)

(NOTE! None of the links below seem to be working... GRRRR! Pasting issues....Click the link above to go to the same thing online, with links that work!)

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  • Settings Migration

  • Community Components

  • Community and Help Menus

  • Window Management

  • Class Designer

Projects and Solutions

  • Web Application Projects

  • AJAX Development

  • Project Designer

  • Deployment


  • New Design View and CSS Design Tools

  • IntelliSense for Jscript and ASP.NET AJAX

  • Object Browser and Find Symbol Support for Multi-targeting

  • WPF Designer


Language-Integrated Query (LINQ)

Client Application Services


  • New Report Projects

  • Report Wizard

  • Expression Editor Enhancement

  • ReportViewer Printing

  • PDF Compression



  • Target a Specific .NET Framework

  • Multiple Processor Capabilities

  • Enhanced Logging

  • Item Definitions

  • Assembly Location and Name Changes

  • .NET Compact Framework Version 3.5

  • .NET Framework Version 3.5

  • What's New in ADO.NET

  • What's New in Architecture Edition

  • What's New in Data

  • What's New in Deployment

  • What's New in Smart Device Projects

  • What's New in the Visual Basic Language

  • What's New in the Visual Studio Debugger

  • What's New in Visual Basic

  • What's New in Visual C#

  • What's New in Visual C++ 2008

  • What's New in Visual Studio Team System

  • What's New in Visual Studio Tools for Office