Terrarium is back!

"Terrarium" is a project Microsoft created with .NET 1.0 that allowed devs to write a bug or plant and have it live, fight and eat in a little digital world called Terrarium. This world connected to other instances running on other folks PC's and your bug could crawl between them and live on, even reproduce, in other people instances of Terrarium and thrive or become food for another dev's creature that was better at survival than yours. Survival of the best-programmed! You couldn't change anything about the world but you had quite a lot of creative freedom in creating your bug (or plant - not that the plants did a lot!) They could communicate and even pass on genetic traits to thier children. It was cool.

Well it went away, which is a shame; but recently was revived! Check it out!!


Now for the really hard part... What to call my first critter...