More Admin Than Admin (part 1)

As Chris mentions, he and I are the shiny new test team for Admin & Ops in Team Foundation. First let me reiterate- we'd love you to join us.

We've spent the past month or so wrapping up tests to make them (1) more robust to all manner of crazy configurations and (2) easily transferable to whoever takes them over. Let me tell you, the Spring cleaning that's been going on throughout our test code and infrastructure has been something to see.

So, here's the story for what's going to happen to this blog. So far, I've generally posted tips or tricks related to Version Control and related areas. I'll still post those every now and then as I run across them, but that won't be the main focus. Instead, as I learn more about the collection of tools that make up the Admin & Ops suite, I'll start posting tidbits of wisdom about how to get them to make your lives easier.

One thing I've picked up recently, for example, is that you cannot remove all users from the Team Foundation Administrators group; there must be at least one member remaining. Pretty nifty- prevents you from completely locking yourself out of your own server. But lets say the one user remaining leaves the company or forgets their password or gets abducted by Thermians and flown off to the far side of the galaxy to captain a starship in war against General Sarris. Fear not, for the tool I'll discuss next time will save the day.