great updates for winXP

I've been on vacation with the family and busy with tons of other stuff, and I realized that I hadn't posted in over a month! Wow, time flies. While my next test topic post is a discussion of why you should do test automation (it's about half complete), I thought I should post that windows xp sp2 just rocks. The additional security features are going to make my life alot easier. Why? Well, I'll tell you.

First, SP2 isn't for me; I mean, it's not for the type of user I am. It's for my mom, my aunt, my sister, brother, my kids and my wife. They are not professionals with computers, although they use them alot. They probably don't understand all the implications of clicking on a link in a browser or in email. I do. I know what havoc can be wrought upon your machine. I've seen Slammer, MyDoom, and a dozen other things in action in the last several years in my corporate environment. I've seen the evilness that Kazaa is as it brings your machine to a grinding halt on friend's and familes' computers.

So SP2 makes your windows xp computer 'secure by default'. instead of pulling the trigger on something and getting a hole in your foot (it's painful, takes a while to recover, but you won't die), you'll probably have to pick up the gun, put a bullet in it, point it at your foot, undo the safety on the gun, and then pull the trigger. If my analogy failed for you, the point is that you have to jump through alot more hoops to shoot yourself in the foot now.

It also means that some programs that weren't written in a way to comply with windows standards won't work anymore. If they use part of the registry they shouldn't, they will now fail. So it will be painful for some companies to fix their programs.

So why does it make my life easier? If you are like me, you spend alot of time in family and friend customer support. Uninstalling Kazaa for a friend, fixing something because someone got a worm on their box, is a bunch of my free time.

So thanks XP SP2 team for giving me back some of that free time! Now I better get back to finishing my Why Test Automation post.