Sparkle and AdamU

Well, given that we (finally!) announced today (at PDC) the project I've been working on for the last 3 years, I can now put in my blog that I've been working on "Sparkle Interactive Designer". You can check it out here. And yes, if you get a chance to use it in the coming months, or you want to, I want to hear all about how much you love it, hate it, how it could be better, and where we are missing the boat (especially on quality).

Haven't posted much during the last 60 days, as during August and September, I've travelled a lot. August, we went camping at Mt Hood, and at Mt St Helens, and I did a 2nd trip to Beijing. I put 700 miles on my motorcycle (and 2000 miles in an airplane) during one very busy weekend. I'm currently in LA, doing our annual visit of my mom and step-dad. We have a lot of fun; visiting with my mom and sister is great, and my 5 boys turn into fish and spend alot of time in her pool, and we go to disneyland. I think we are still going to try and get one final camping trip in later this month too.

Speaking of Disneyland, the reopened space mountain rocks! A lot faster, and a lot darker. We did it twice! And the 50th anniversary special fireworks at the end of the day were great, highlighting the coolest rides in the park. The fireworks for 'pirates' was awesome. But the best part is being there with no really long lines. We didn't spend more than 20 minutes in any line, and most were walk right on to 5 minutes.

I think that I'll include a picture from each of my travels in my blog entries over the coming few months. Here's a picture of Mt Hood from Lost Lake Butte, a 2.5 mile hike from Lost Lake gaining about 1500 feet in elevation. Pictured are my father in law, my youngest son Jackson (4), my oldest, Aaron (16), my 2nd son, Garrison (12), and me.


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