Will it Blend? That is the question!

We're having fun watching the BlendTec commercials since we've announced that the product code named Sparkle is now Blend.

Since my last post 6 months ago in July where I visited a company in Raleigh NC, I've been amazingly busy.

  • I've visited Roxio in Santa Clara, CA.
  • I've done a recruiting trip to U Penn in Philly
  • I've done a recruiting trip to Shanghai

Most importantly, I've shipped the Interactive Designer Sep CTP, the Blend Beta 1 in Dec, the Blend Beta 1 Japanese in Dec, and the Blend Beta 2 in Jan.

I hope that everyone that's seen Beta1 and Beta2 come away with how deeply the product team cares about quality, and how hard we're working on delivering a great user experience. If you've visited the sparkle/blend newgroup, I hope that you understand that the majority of people answering your questions are people who've been working for years on building this product, and that they love hearing how you are trying to use the product, and are anxious to take your issues and try to resolve them.

We've got two more big milestones coming soon to hit for Blend: RC1, and English RTM. And then the RTM for an additional 8 languages (German, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese). For me personally, I've also got two more recruiting trips planned in the next 3 weeks: MIT and CalTech.

So I'll likely be scarce for a while, again, but only because I'm working hard on hiring great people, and driving us to completion on a great product for Pro Designers to build rich compelling UI experiences.We fixed almost 700 bugs between Beta 1 and Beta 2. We added a couple key features that we were missing.