BizTalk Adapter Pack v2 CTP

BizTalk Adapter Pack team has released a CTP. This is the 5th CTP and the first one available publicly for everyone to try. The specific enhancements in this CTP are mostly to the OracleDB adapter(included in the BAPv1) to which we added features like support for polling stored procedures and composite operations. We also added 64 bit support for the Oracle EBS adapter.In addition we have addressed some feedback we got from the other adapters .


To re-iterate here is the complete list of features BAPv2 is adding . The downloads are available at the connect site for public download(requires sign up with live id)


BizTalk Adapter Pack V2 - Themes


New Adapters

·           Oracle EBS Adapter

Ø  Browse and search metadata for each Oracle application

Ø  Support Interface tables, Interface views

Ø  Support for PL/SQL APIs

Ø  Concurrent Programs, Request Sets

Ø  Support for polling tables, Stored Procedures

Ø  Notification support

Ø  App context initialization

Ø  Supports REF cursors, User Defined Types, LOB types, RECORD types

Ø  Support for PL/SQL Tables, boolean data types

Ø  Support for MLS EBS installations

Ø  Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Integration

Ø  Versions supported – ODP.NET (available only on 32bit), Oracle EBS 11.5.9, 11.5.10 and 12

·           SQL Server Adapter

Ø  Insert/Update/Delete/Select operations on tables and views

Ø  Invoke (SQL and CLR) Stored procedures, scalar valued functions , table value functions

Ø  Supports execution of generic T-SQL statements, via the ExecuteReader(), ExecuteNonQuery() and ExecuteScalar() operations

Ø  Configurable polling – polling statement, polling interval, receive multiple result sets

Ø  Support for x86 and x64 platforms

Ø  Support for new data types in SQL2005 and SQL2008 (notably FILESTREAM, varbinary (max))

Ø  Support for UDTs

Ø  Ability to pass table value parameters

Ø  Composite operations - invoke operations on multiple tables and call any number of stored procedures in the same transaction

Ø  SQL query notifications

Ø  Ability to directly call stored procedures which used the ‘for xml’ style supported by the BizTalk 2006 SQL adapter to ease backward compatibility

Ø  Versions supported – SQL 2000, SQL 2005, SQL 2008


Enhancements to the existing V1 Adapter Pack


  • Include hot fixes built since the V1 Adapter Pack released
  • Support new Microsoft Platform releases – BTS 2009, VS 2008, Windows Server 2008
  • Oracle DB Adapter:

Ø  Polling support for Stored procedures and Functions

Ø  UDTs, PL/SQL tables 

  • SAP Adapter:

Ø  Support for Table Types

Ø  Customization of adapter behavior when “special” values obtained for DATS/TIMS/NUMC

Ø  SAP ADO Provider Enhancements:

o   Support for SSRS

o   Support for SAP Queries

o   Ability to specify the result set to give to SSIS when executing BAPIs

  • Siebel Adapter:

Ø  MVG operations (associate, dissociate, query) in design time enabled

Ø  Bounded pick list fields supported per recommended approach

Ø  Context specific custom messages generated for exceptions