Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Adapter

We are currently working on an Oracle EBS (aka Oracle Apps) Adapter for the next release of Adapter Pack, along with a SQL Server Adapter. The Oracle EBS adapter will be built using WCF LOB Adapter SDK. At a high-level, we are planning to have the following set of features in the adapter:

  • Ability to interface with PL/SQL APIs
  • Perform operations on the Interface tables/Views
  • Execute Concurrent programs
  • Support for Simple Data Types, UDTs, Table types, Boolean types.


Do you use XMLGateways and Business Events in your Oracle E-Business scenarios and want to see it as part of the Oracle EBS adapter? We would like to hear about any other specific features that you would like to see in the Oracle EBS adapter.


Please do let us know if you would like to enroll in the Technology Adapter Program(TAP). As part of the TAP program, you get a chance to work closely with the product team to identify features and requirements for the product, try out early drops of the adapter and help Microsoft validate the features for quality and production-readiness.